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“Once upon a time, there was an absolutely gorgeous princess who was second to none. People called her the Beauty of the Golden Hair because her shiny hair covered her heels, smooth and gleaming like gold. Smooth blond curls plus extremely luxurious outfits, making the other look more attractive.

There was a wealthy neighbor of the king, listening to the rumors of the Golden Beauty who fell in love to quit eating and sleeping. The king sent an envoy to the country to propose. A car code is gorgeous with hundreds of precious horses and more than a hundred servants preparing to leave. The king again made lots of precious clothes and precious jewelry to be ready to welcome the new queen.

The envoy to the country offers a marriage ceremony. But that Golden Princess felt uncomfortable that day, and the greeting was so awkward that she vexed, the beauty immediately answered that she was grateful to the king, but she had no intention of answering the request. kiss it.

When the angel was disappointed and returned to empty-handed, the king began to cry like a child, despite all the advice.

In the court, there was a young officer with a handsome appearance like Thai Duong, who was the smartest person in the kingdom. The king was very confident and devout, but the flattery was extremely jealous, only sought to speak ill of him.

The Abram-that lovely boy is present when he hears the news of the failure of the angel. He contributed to the story: “If the Emperor sent me, how would the Beauty of the Golden Hair come to me with me?”

Immediately, the evil men immediately shouted: “Do you listen to what Amadeus said? Please be careful on the day, the snobbish always makes me more intelligent than your Majesty, and so the princess will fall in love with him, ready to follow him around the world. ”

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